All Coaches shall comply with the following:
• Create an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and respect for the players to develop within. Give all players the opportunity to improve their skills, gain confidence and develop self-esteem.
• Act towards all players, other coaches, parents and officials in a manner characterized by courtesy, good faith and respect regardless of race, sex, creed or ability
• Coaches must abide by the rules and policies as set out by the Brantford Bisons and the OPFL/OFL
• Refrain from openly criticize players, coaches, parents, officials or association members. Coaches must use constructive criticism and attempt to use in private meetings arranged with the appropriate party.
• Agree to follow directives issued by the Brantford Bisons and the OPFL whether written or verbal.
• Use of drugs or alcoholic beverages is prohibited on game or practice fields or near or around players of the team.
• Coaches will not allow an ineligible or injured player to participate in practices or games.
• Coaches agree to inform the Brantford Bisons any challenges with a player or parent as soon as is reasonable or as the incident arises.
• The use of profanity or abusive language toward a player, official, parent, volunteer, or spectator is prohibited at all times.
• Coaches are to check and ensure all players are fit and properly equipped before allowing them to participate in a practice or game.


The principal of respect for all participants challenges coaches to act in a manner respectful of the dignity of all participants in Football. Fundamental to this principal is the basic assumption that each person has value and is worthy of respect.

• Strive to be fully present, physically and mentally, in the performance of coaching duties.
• Ensure players train and perform in suitable and safe settings
• Act in the best interest of the player development as a whole person.
• Be honest, sincere and honorable in all relationships with players, parents, officials and other coaches.
• Recognize we are coaching young people and there could be significant pressures in their lives, e.g. family, school and we will strive to coach in a manner that fosters positive life experiences.
• Be acutely aware of the power in coaching relationships and, therefore, avoid intimacy with players, both during coaching and during that period following coaching when imbalance in power could jeopardize effective decision-making.
• Abstain from and refuse to tolerate in others all forms of harassment and loss of self-esteem.
• Act toward players, other coaches, parents and officials in a manner characterized by courtesy, good faith and respect.
• Recognize and address harmful personal practices of others in football, e.g. drugs and alcohol, physical and mental abuse and misuse of power.

Acknowledge that coaches are the face of the Bisons to players and their parents and understand that their actions and disposition have a direct influence on the Bisons brand and the Bisons ability to attract players.

Acknowledge that the Brantford Bisons have the authority to discuss discipline to coaches that do not adhere to this policy.
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