1. Introduction

The Brant and District Football Club (BDFC) is a non-profit corporation established to operate minor football programs in Brantford and the surrounding area under the team name; Brantford Bisons. The BDFC functions through a duly elected Board of directors who are responsible for the effective governance and stewardship of the organization and are guided by the laws of Canada and Ontario, our vision, values and mission, and our policies and procedures.

As individual Board members, we strive to conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest personal, professional and business standards, including compliance with all laws and regulations that apply to the BDFC. This Code of Conduct is an expression of how we demonstrate integrity, due diligence, and commitment to these standards in our involvement in the BDFC as Board members.

2. Our Reputation – Upholding BDFC’s Name

The BDFC has developed a reputation for leadership and collaboration. We strive to uphold that reputation by speaking with one voice and conveying a positive image of our organization. We act in accordance with our values. Our decision-making processes encourage open discussion and participation. We make decisions that are in the best interests of the BDFC as a Board while Board members who disagree with these decisions have the option of requesting that their dissent be recorded. However, once a decision has been made by the Board, directors speak with one voice, supporting the Board’s decision. When we speak to an audience as a representative of the BDFC, we present the BDFC’s positions and views, rather than our personal opinions. Individual directors may hold positions of leadership in other professional or community associations, where they may be viewed as spokespersons for those groups. In such situations, we ensure that we are seen as speaking as individuals and not as directors of or spokespersons for the BDFC. We use the BDFC’s assets legally and for authorized purposes and in a manner appropriate to our organization. A Board member using the BDFC’s computer database or electronic mail system complies with any internal policies and procedures that guide the storage, use and transmission of information through this medium. We have an obligation to comply with both the letter and the spirit of the guidelines contained in this Code. As individuals, we have a responsibility to raise issues and concerns through the appropriate channels.

3. Professional Behaviour

We understand our respective roles and responsibilities within the BDFC and strive to fulfill them. We comply with our governing and operational policies and procedures. We conduct our business following legal and ethical practices, and within the best interests of our organization. We deal fairly and openly in all our business relationships, provided conditions of quality, reliability and competitiveness are met. We strive to ensure our decision-making is not compromised or perceived to be compromised. We aim to avoid conflicts of interest that could interfere or be perceived to interfere with our judgment in making decisions in the BDFC’s best interests and/or that could result in personal gain. We depend on the integrity of all Board members who have knowledge of a decision or activity of the BDFC that involves or might involve a conflict of interest to disclose the circumstances to the Board. We accept or offer gifts, entertainment or benefits in the normal exchanges of business relationships. We do not accept or offer entertainment, gifts or benefits which grant or appear to grant preferential treatment for the BDFC or by the BDFC. We respect the confidentiality of our Board members. We protect any personal information about our players, parents, coaches or volunteers that may be in our possession. We disclose confidential or personal information only when appropriate approval has been received, or we are required to do so by law. We do not use confidential information for personal benefit or to benefit a third party. Our behavior with colleagues and those with whom we do business is respectful, courteous, fair and dignified.

4. Commitment to Learning

We support the growth and development for our players and coaches. We provide learning opportunities for Board members that focus on their governance role within the BDFC. By extending these opportunities to others, we encourage the development of leaders within our community.

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