Refund Policy

We understand that the demands of life vary from registration time until the end of the season. All Bisons Programs include a $150 non-refundable administration fee once a player is registered.

After the return of equipment, to one of the Equipment Managers (who can be reached at or, your refund request will be presented to the board at the next monthly board meeting.

Notification of Withdrawal From Program:
If you have chosen to voluntarily withdraw you must notify the following:

  1. Your Team Manager/Coach)
  2. Complete Refund request below.
  3. Email equipment managers to return equipment and obtain your $500 equipment deposit – or

A refund will be issued once all equipment has been returned, confirmation of the returned equipment has been received by the VP Finance from the Equipment Director.

Refund eligibility:

  • Once registration is submitted;
  • registration fee less $150
  • Equipment returned to Equipment Director only
  • Once games have begun; no refunds FOR ANY REASON


  • **** PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY REFUND REQUEST RECEIVED WILL NOT BE PROCESSED UNTIL ALL EQUIPMENT, INCLUDING JERSEY AND PANTS HAVE BEEN RETURNED**** Please contact or to arrange for equipment to be returned. Equipment CAN NOT be returned to the field, coach or manager Note: All refund requests will be presented to the Board at the monthly board meeting regularly scheduled the second Wednesday of every month