Spring football will look different then our normal spring season. We will institute new standards, protocols and game rules that will meet or exceed Provincial COVID regulations for the current zone colour for our Public Health Unit.  Our goal is to provide an atmosphere to allow our children to exercise, socialize, be fit and have fun!

**Coaches/Parents and Players will follow all city ordinances for masks established at time of play

**Parents will be required to socially distance and remain outside of the field enclosure



  • Games will begin the first week of May
  • Request will be limited to one request per player and not guaranteed. Limits will apply to avoid manipulation of teams. Coordinators will make final roster decisions.
  • Age groups will be co-ed
  • 6 regular season games per division, plus playoffs
  • Game structure will be pods/cohorting of 4 teams to limit exposure in all age groups with the limit of 50 per division.
  • Masks will be required to be worn throughout by all within the enclosure.
  • Parents will be required to purchase mouthpieces for players.
  • Coaches will only be able to coach one team.
  • Two coaches per team max.
  • No travel all games will be at Bisons Alumni Field.



Is this contact football?
Flag Football is a non-contact sport. Rules and Code of Conduct will be provided to all participants.

What skill level is involved?
Players in all shapes, sizes and skill level are welcome to our program. Teams will be balanced to encourage growth, skill building and leadership.

How often will my athlete be playing? Will my athlete get fair play and get to play different positions?
Each team will have one field time per week including scheduled games and practices.

The program is set to be a Fair play model, athletes will be able to rotate through positions as needed

When will my athlete be playing?
All field bookings will be Monday through Thursday evenings, no weekends.

When is the Flag Season?
Spring – May thru June

What equipment will my athlete require participate?
Mask to be worn throughout time within enclosure, cleated footwear, non-metal football or soccer cleats are required.  Jerseys are also provided but players may wear long-sleeved shirts underneath (hooded shirts are not allowed to be worn), mouth guard and belt with flags which will be loaned to each athlete for the season by the Bisons.

How many players are on each team and how many teams in each division?
Each team will have up to 10 athletes per team, with up to 2 coaches. There will be 4 teams per division

Can I make a request for my athlete to be on a specific coaches team, or a specific teammate?
Bisons football management along with coaches will be attempting to split the teams up evenly and fairly, we will not be taking requests for team assignments.

If the season is cancelled will there be a refund?

Will parents and/or spectators be allowed within the enclosure?
No, they will need to stay outside the enclosure. For minor children they are required to stay on-site in case of an emergency.

If you have further questions, please email us at: bisonsvpfootball@bisonsfootball.ca