We understand that the demands of life vary from registration time until the end of the season. All Bisons Programs include a $150 non-refundable administration fee once a player is registered.

After the return of equipment, to one of the Equipment Managers (who can be reached at bisonsequipment1@bisonsfootball.ca or bisonsequipment2@bisonsfootball.ca), your refund request will be presented to the board at the next monthly board meeting.

Notification of Withdrawal From Program:
If you have chosen to voluntarily withdraw you must notify the following:

  1. Your Team Manager/Coach)
  2. Complete Refund request below.
  3. Email equipment managers to return equipment and obtain your $500 equipment deposit – bisonsequipment1@bisonsfootball.ca or bisonsequipment2@bisonsfootball.ca

A refund will be issued once all equipment has been returned, confirmation of the returned equipment has been received by the VP Finance from the Equipment Director.

Refund Eligibility:

  • Once registration is submitted;
  • registration fee less $150
  • Equipment returned to Equipment Director only
  • Once games have begun; no refunds FOR ANY REASON

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